What is the SOS Button?

365 Medical Alert is designed to help older, frail or disabled people remain in their own homes, with the knowledge that they always have somebody to help them in an emergency.

365 Medical Alert service includes an alarm base unit, which plugs into the telephone line, and a comfortable pendant which goes around the wrist or neck. All attachments are included in the 365 Medical Alert package.

The 365 Medical Alert can easily be installed and tested by the user. Once the test is complete, the user will be connected to our 24-hour Care Team.

In an emergency, the alarm user simply presses the red button on their pendant and the monitoring team will respond. The situation is assessed over the base unit's loudspeaker and help is found in the form of emergency contacts and, if needed, the emergency services.

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Who is the SOS Button for?

Great for seniors of 65+

People currently 'shielding' against Covid

People who suffer with Dementia or Alzheimer's

People with physical disabilities or learning disabilities

People with mobility issues

Family members and Carers

How does the SOS Button Work?


Press the SOS Button on the device in case of any emergency *

* If you are worried your father, mother or loved one may not push the SOS Button after a fall or a faint moment - DON'T WORRY - Our SOS Button has a fall detection sensor, which automatically sends an alert to our Emergency Response Monitoring Centre , without needing any human intervention.


The SOS Button sends an emergency alert to our Emergency Response Monitoring Centre


Our team answers the call, locates your father, mother and/or loved one and takes the necessary measures depending on the type of emergency


Will send you an alert as well as the emergency services

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What are the Benefits?

Independence and Security

Independence, Security and confidence that your parents or vulnerable loved ones can continue to live independently and safely in their homes.

Support 24h/365d

With our emergency monitoring centre which has experienced and certified professionals.


Can send an ambulance to the home or where ever it is needed in the case of an emergency

Confidence and Security

How many times have you been worried about leaving your loved ones at home alone? Or how many times have you called and they may not answer? The SOS Button ensures your peace of mind even when you're not around.

Mobile Application

With an application, you can keep an eye on your loved and see their location. If they should suffer a fall or go wondering, you will be notified and given the location of where they are

Quick Calls Answered

98.7% of emergency calls made through our SOS Button are answered in less than 60 seconds.

Available in 28 Countries

Our service covers Europe. This means that if you live or are on holidays abroad or your parents are abroad, the service will still work alerting you (exc monitoring centre in some countries outside UK and Ireland)

Affordable at 0.98p/day

Affordable at 0.98p a day and the device worth £150.00 completely free if you sign up to 1 year monitoring!

Competitive price. Can be used immediately

  • Monthly payment £39.99
  • Up Front Payment Free
  • Delivery Free

* Price includes VAT however, please contact us as 90% vulnerable adults are VAT exempt, giving you a cheaper price.

** Payments are processed on a quarterly basis - £119.97/per quarter

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 365 Medical Alert?

It is a Personal Emergency Service for seniors aged 65+ who may live alone and have complete independence but would like to continue living at home.


Certified and Accredited Service?

Every year our supplier is evaluated by the TSA (Telecare Services Association) and obtain the maximum classification – Platinum Certification.
What does this certification mean? 97.5% emergency calls are answered in less than 60 seconds.
Why receive this certification? It means you can 100% trust our team of professionals will be there when you need them most.


Contract Period?

The SOS Button has a contract period of 12 months with Payl8r, once this has been completed you will be asked if you would like to resume the service, after the 12 months you can cancel anytime.


Why choose the SOS Button?

More than 50,000 users trust the service that the SOS Button offers.
Our user-friendly technology has been used since 2009 in different countries such as Portugal, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.
We have a high customer satisfaction rate, we help seniors live independently and safely for as long as possible.
Our supplier answered more than 15,000 emergency calls last year with 1000 people joining each month.


How much does the SOS Button cost?

The SOS Button worth £200.00 comes to you ABSOLUTELY FREE once you sign up to 12 months monitoring which is discounted from £1.75 a day to 1.31 a day.
Additionally giving the user further discount if they are deemed VAT exempt!


Can I add a second user?

Yes, you can.
If you would like to add a second user please contact info@365medical alert.co.uk and we will answer all your questions.

365 Medical Alert

Available 24 hours / 365 days

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